Are you employing EU citizens? Are you aware of your obligations towards Labour Office?

There are basically no barriers to employ EU citizen, though there are certain obligations that you as an employer must fulfill. It is to report and track certain information. For more information read the following article

Employment card

The Act on the Residence of Foreigners no. 326/1999 went through significant changes at the end of June of this year. Since 24th June 2014, the authorities have been enforcing the new procedure in the legalisation of the non-EU foreigner´s stay  resulting in a new type of residence permit – the employee card. If the applicant fulfills the statutory requirements, he will receive the card with validity for 2 years.

The employee card is a dual residence permit, including both, the residence as well as the work permit. It replaces the traditional work permit and a work visa for a stay over 90 days, which exists no longer.

The assignees who are sent out to perform work in the Czech Republic by their foreign employers seated outside the EU are still obliged to apply for a work permit. They also apply for the employment card (non-dual) together with the the work permit application.

The Ministry of Interior usually issues the employment card within 60 days. According to our experience so far, the authorities stick to the 60-day period, alhough they can extend up to 90 days in exceptional cases.

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